About Us

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Meet the Owners

We are husband and wife. We are parents to three spirited boys. We are passionate about what we do.

We started Vanillawood to pursue what we love doing - creating, designing, building and furnishing spaces that speak to you. Our aesthetic has been indelibly informed by our time living in Italy, New York, Los Angeles and now Portland. 

In 2006 we opened our doors. Today we are a full-service design/build and interior design firm that houses a brick-and-mortar storefront and a team of designers working in a bustling design studio just outside of Portland. Who says you can't bring urban to the 'burbs?

Kricken and James Yaker Vanillawood Owners About Us Page

Family Business

Vanillawood truly is a family business. You can often find one of the kids at our shop or on one of the job sites. People come to us because we have a knack for designing sophisticated family-friendly spaces.

We're not here to create museums. We believe a home should look good and work hard. A place where kids can roam free and you can host a fabulous dinner party.

We're all about the personal refuge. We all need a place to call home - a sanctuary that tells our stories, reflects who we are and is the backdrop to creating moments and memories.

Vanillawood Interior Design Construction Family Business
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Where we Hang

Our shop is tightly edited. We are constantly refreshing the look with finds from our buying trips, custom pieces we have created or vintage furnishings we have reimagined. It's a unique experience when you walk though our doors and witness the eye candy . . . Expect the unexpected.

Vanillawood Store Location 16354 BOONES FERRY RD. LAKE OSWEGO, OREGON 97035 just outside of Portland, Oregon

15 minutes south of Portland
5 minutes east of Bridgeport Village
3 minutes from our house