Sleek Urban Office Interior Design by Vanillawood Design Build Firm


Sleek Urban Office

This is not your average suit and tie office.

Our job: transform a no-frills condo into a workspace that showcases the client’s personality and creates a relaxed office for meetings and getting things done.

Everything was tailored to the client’s wish list from a custom murphy bed to a one-of-a-kind maple wood stump coffee table.

Personalized details include a blown up photograph of a Japanese cityscape as the backsplash in the kitchen, graffiti art panels and a custom walnut conference table, casework and desk.

The result? Edgy, sleek and anything but boring.

Celecot Polyester Wool Blend Rug

$ 805.00 - $ 2,700.00

Cities Wall Art

$ 3,100.00

David Trubridge White Coral Pendant Light

$ 655.00 - $ 10,410.00

Eiffel Dining Chair

$ 275.00

Geneva Oak Desk

$ 1,500.00

Maizie White Glass Desk

$ 1,350.00

Marlon Brando Art Print

$ 920.00

Organic Stump Coffee Table

$ 4,500.00

Rhino Objet Ceramic Sculpture

$ 37.50

Simply Mystic Abstract Wall Art

$ 690.00 - $ 920.00

Snow Bunny Abstract Wall Art

$ 1,490.00

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