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Vintage Industrial: Living with Machine Age Design

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A wonderfully illustrated book by Misha de Potestad with photos from Patrice Pascal of this productive style that has made a resurface in interior design. Vintage Industrial covers the period from 1900 to 1950, which produced a raw, functional aesthetic stemming from the need for new furniture design for the growth in the workforce. Furniture was made to be more compact, versatile, and mobile. This book showcases some of the engineers whose creations helped shape the industrial aesthetic. Some of these creators being: Bernard-Albin Gras, George Carwardine, Jean Prouvé, and Édouard-Wilfred Buque. There are five invigorating chapters—on lighting, seating, tables, storage, and curiosities—describe the major innovations. Also, included are stunning photos showing these objects in homes, workshops, factories, and warehouses. This coffee table book is meant to show the reader the early beginnings of industrial design and the resurgence of this style in modern times.